Wedding Slideshows

If you’ve been to a wedding in the 21st century, you’ve probably seen a photo slideshow running as a loop at the reception. Most often the pictures run too long, and don’t have captivating transitions. Often the photos are pulled right off of the photographers camera and pictures that you have not yet approved of are displayed!

We offer a keepsake video slideshow, set to the music of your choosing that can include photos, video, text, and even voice overs!

Keep your guest entertained whether you show your slideshow as part of your reception, or allow the video to loop while guests sign your guest book.

Some brides and grooms have even used their slideshow in the background to distract guests while sharing their nervous first dance, Father/Daughter, or Mother/Son special dances.


Adding replay value to your special moments since 2000.

Now located in Dublin, Oh


Our professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and fun team uses a non-intrusive filming style (like what is used for sporting events). We don't get in the photographer's way and we don't stop the action to capture the moment.

We like to meet with both the Bride and Groom weeks (or months) before your wedding to discuss the details, view photos of your important guests, and talk about your personal style as a couple. This way we know who to make sure that we get comments from during your big day and can fully customize every aspect of your video and DVD catered to your own likes. 

Our end product is a beautifully custom designed full color silk screened DVD disc with a custom DVD menu and chapter selection markers at all of your most important moments in a custom designed DVD keepsake case.

Wedding Packages are available, though we prefer to customize your experience.

Contact us for details. Remember to reserve your date early - dates fill up fast!


98% of ALL newlyweds recommend future brides have their wedding professionally videotaped.

SPECIAL: 30% of your quoted price is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding day. If you pay for your whole package in advance, you will receive a 150 photo montage that can be made available to play at your reception, iPod/iPhone and web versions of your wedding day highlights FREE - valued at $300.00!

How can we make your wedding video a true keepsake that you will watch over and over?


Our pricing is based on a number of factors from experience and the type of equipment used, to the number of hours required to film and edit, along with special features or extras at your discretion. Please call to schedule a no-commitment meeting to discus the style of video that you want captured on your big day. We can often fit any budget based on your needs.

Yes, you can have a friend or relative tape for you but the quality may not be there, moments get missed, and they will not be able to enjoy the day with you over concern of not missing anything. 65% of all brides that choose to have a friend film for them regret it after seeing the footage.

It’s true that you get what you pay for.

Contact us for samples! We’re eager to show off what we can do.

- Film your Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

  1. -Single or Multiple camera full coverage of your entire day (or certain hours that you choose) in SD or HD

  2. -Plug into your venue’s sound system and use a wireless lapel mic for your Bridegroom’s breast pocket for audio

  3. -Include Video highlights set to the song and style you choose

  4. -Photo montage to be made available in time to show during your reception and/or use photos from your wedding day for your keepsake DVD

  5. -Create movie style credits listing your wedding party after your ceremony

  6. -Provide “Deleted” scenes and DVD extras

We can:

  1. -Gather comments, words of wisdom and advice from your guests

  2. -Perform a voice over recording for director style DVD extras (Your wedding party and Bride and Groom comments can be recorded while viewing your wedding footage to forever remember how you felt and what you were thinking)

  3. -Provide iPod, iPhone, or web versions of your highlights, ceremony, or reception to share with friends and family

  4. -Work WITH you to custom design your DVD case and disc art to match your style *(Our discs are rated to last over 300 years, as opposed to typical DVD-R burnable media which is rated to last 30 years)

  5. -3 DVD copies included with every order

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