Sports Highlights

Parents and coaches, as you think of how to honor and thank your players for all of the hard work they put in this season, consider playing a video of your team’s highlights at your sports banquet!

We’ll combine all of the video and photos taken by parents and family members and create a fun video to kick off to your banquet. Our Video scrapbooks are timed perfectly to the music you select and we don’t over-use the same boring transitions.

We’ll include text and exciting video elements to liven up the video. You’ll have creative control and we’ll even ask you into our studio for a preview before we finalize the DVD.

Our package is customizable. Call for a quote!

The Sports Banquet Season Highlights Package    -    Call for a quote!

Every team’s needs are different, please contact us with your needs for a quote. We can:

  1. Provide Video editing to pull out the highlights and key plays from your source tapes

  2. Scanned your photos or setup a digital drop folder for your parents to contribute to

  3. Add pan and zoom effects and unique transitions to your photos

  4. Synchronization to the music you select to your photos and video highlights (full or partial songs used at your discretion)

  5. Add 3D animations, text titles, player bios, and thought bubbles where appropriate

  6. Create custom DVD menus, disc jackets, and full color DVD silk screening


Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

If you would like to include a voice over, Senior and Coach interviews, digital signatures, or another unique touch, we will make the necessary arrangements. Turnaround depends upon the scope of your project. Call now to get started!

* We can also film your child and prepare highlights on VHS or DVD for college recruitment. Call for details.

Adding replay value to your special moments since 2000.

Now located in Dublin, Oh

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