When gathering pictures and video for your graduate look for:

Baby pictures

Family photos

Sporting event photos

Band performances

Pep rallies

Class trips



Talent shows

Senior pictures

Your grad in his/her cap and gown

It’s the official rite of passage for teens — high school graduation. After much hard work, this special accomplishment is finally just around the corner. Whether it’s for a high school or college graduation, a professionally created graduation video is the perfect gift to share with friends and family. What better way to share the early years of your graduate’s life than with a compilation of photos, video, and scannable keepsakes re-mastered and set to music?

The Process:

Whether you mail your photos to us, upload them to our server, or drop them off at our location, we scan in your photographs and provide minor scratch and dust removal, red-eye reduction and color enhancement. If a photo needs major repair we will contact you about pricing the repair, or use the the photo as is at your request. If your photographs have not been numbered on the back and stacked in order, we will attempt to arrange the photographs in chronological order for you.

We will create a unique video and include a custom introduction. We’ll add in your text titles and sync the video to the music you’ve selected.

Please Note: We prefer for you to provide your music on a CD. If you don’t own a song that you would like to use we can purchase it from iTunes for you for 99¢.

After the video has been completed, we will return your original photos to you and provide 2 copies of the DVD with case and custom DVD cover. If you live close by we will invite you to preview the video before finalization. For online based customers who choose to preview before finalizing the video we will create a lower quality version of the video and make it available for you to preview online.

If you would like to include a voice over, signature, or other unique touch, we will set up a time for you to come in to record your message.


Adding replay value to your special moments since 2000.

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